A free and open-source software library for Scientific Visualization and 3D animations. Learn how to use the rendering equation \begin{equation} L_o\left( x, \omega_o\right) = L_e\left( x, \omega_o\right) + \int_{\Omega} L_i\left( x, \omega_i\right) f_r\left(\omega_i, x, \omega_o\right) \left(\omega_i\cdot n\right) d\omega_i \end{equation} and other powerful techniques to create the most advanced effects and give new life to your data.
  • Engineering Physics Chemistry Astronomy
    Aerospace Biology Data science Network science
    and many more ...
  • physics domino
    physics bricks
    physic collision
    brownian motion
    Em wave
    Helical path

    FURY allows you to create easily multiple physics animations.

  • Some Molecular Dynamics applications using FURY.

    fullrene Modellin
    Molecular Ribbon
    Molecular Surface
  • Built with FURY: Neuroscience application examples

    Brain bundle
    Brain bundle
    Brain bundle
    Brain bundle
    Brain bundle
    Brain bundle
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    FURY is a Python library available for scientific visualization. The library is available via PyPi or Anaconda package system

    FURY is totally free and it will be always free

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    Easy to Use
    FURY is designed to be really easy to use