Play a video in the 3D world#

The goal of this demo is to show how to visualize a video on a rectangle by updating a texture.

viz play video
import time

import cv2
import numpy as np

from fury import actor, window

# The VideoCapturer Class
# This Class wraps OpenCV Videocapture
class VideoCapturer:
    def __init__(self, video, time):
        self.path = video = cv2.VideoCapture(self.path)
        self.fps = int(
        self.frames = int(
        self.time = time

    # A generator to yield video frames on every call
    def get_frame(self):
        start = time.time()
        for _ in range(self.frames):
            isframe, frame =
            dur = time.time() - start
            if dur > self.time:
            if isframe:
                yield cv2.cvtColor(frame, cv2.COLOR_BGR2RGB)
        yield None

class VideoPlayer:
    def __init__(self, video, time=10):
        # Initializes the Video object with the given Video = VideoCapturer(video, time)
        self.video_generator =
        self.current_video_frame = next(self.video_generator)
        # Initialize Scene
        # Create a Show Manager and Initialize it
        self.show_manager = window.ShowManager(
            self.scene, size=(900, 768), reset_camera=False, order_transparent=True

    # Initialize the Scene with actors
    def initialize_scene(self):
        self.scene = window.Scene()
        # Initialize a Plane actor with the 1st video frame along with
        # the actor grid which is to be updated in each iteration
        self.plane_actor = actor.texture(self.current_video_frame)

    # The timer_callback function getting called by the show manager
    def timer_callback(self, _obj, _event):
        self.current_video_frame = next(self.video_generator)
        if isinstance(self.current_video_frame, np.ndarray):
            # update texture of the actor with the current frame image
            # by updating the actor grid
            actor.texture_update(self.plane_actor, self.current_video_frame)
            self.show_manager.scene.azimuth(1.5)  # to rotate the camera


    def run(self):
        # Add a timer callback to show manager after with
        # video frame duration as the interval
        self.frame_duration = int(1000 /
            True, self.frame_duration, self.timer_callback

# Create VideoPlayer Object and run it
video_url = (
    + 'gtv-videos-bucket/sample/BigBuckBunny.mp4'
vp = VideoPlayer(video_url)
window.record(vp.show_manager.scene, out_path='viz_play_video.png', size=(600, 600))

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