Free Unified Rendering in pYthon is a Python package that provides a minimalistic but powerful API that enables advanced scientific visualization and 3D animations for scientific research.

FURY is a community-driven, open-source, and high-performance scientific visualization library that harnesses the graphics processing unit (GPU) for improved speed, precise interactivity, and visual clarity.

Statement of Need#

FURY was created to address the growing necessity of high-performance 3D scientific visualization in an easy-to-use API fully compatible with the Pythonic ecosystem. To achieve this FURY takes ideas from CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) and game engines to then be deployed for usage in everyday research practices.

Mission Statement#

The purpose of FURY is to make it easier to perform advanced visualizations and animations without compromising performance. We aim to build software that is:

  • clearly written

  • clearly explained

  • a good fit for the underlying ideas

  • a natural home for collaboration

We hope that, if we fail to do this, you will let us know and we will try and make it better. An easy way to access the FURY development team is either through our Discord live chat room or in GitHub.


  • Physically based and Cinematic Rendering.

  • Ray Tracing and Signed Distance Functionality.

  • Includes multiple physics and collision engines.

  • Pythonic API easy to use with Numpy and Jupyter.

  • Multiplatform. With wheels available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

  • Super easy to install. Just write: pip install fury.

  • Provides integrated user interfaces.

  • Easy to create multithreaded animations.

  • Contains a series of shaders including a Principled BRDF and BTDF.

  • Enables LaTeX fonts in 3D.

  • Supports a series of 3D file formats including (.Obj and .glTF) and 2D file formats such as PNG.


FURY Architecture


FURY is distributed under the BSD 3 License


Go to Community page to see who have been involved in the development of FURY.

Bug reports and support#

Please report any issues via fury-gl/fury#issues. All types of issues are welcome including bug reports, documentation typos, feature requests and so on.