Visualizing a glTF file#

In this tutorial, we will show how to display a simple animated glTF in a scene.

from fury import window
from import fetch_gltf, read_viz_gltf
from fury.gltf import glTF

Create a scene.

scene = window.Scene()

showm = window.ShowManager(
    scene, size=(900, 768), reset_camera=False, order_transparent=True

Retrieving the gltf model.

fetch_gltf('InterpolationTest', 'glTF')
filename = read_viz_gltf('InterpolationTest')

Initialize the glTF object and get actors using actors method. Get the main_timeline (which contains multiple Timeline objects).

Add the timeline to the scene (No need to add actors separately).


define a timer_callback that updates the timeline.

interactive = False

def timer_callback(_obj, _event):

showm.add_timer_callback(True, 10, timer_callback)

if interactive:

window.record(scene, out_path='viz_gltf_animated.png', size=(900, 768))
viz gltf animated

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