Week 9: Tutorial done and polishing DTI uncertainty#

What did I do this week?#

I addressed the comments from the tutorial of PR #818 related to how to display specific visualizations I wanted to make. I was suggested to use ShowManager to handle the zoom of the scene and also to use GridUI to display several actors at the same time for a visual quality comparison of the tensors. Below are some images generated for the tutorial that is almost done.


What is coming up next?#

There are some issues with the tests of the uncertainty implementation, specifically a segmentation problem that has to be with the shaders, so I expect to correct the problem by next week.

Did I get stuck anywhere?#

I’m still thinking about how to approach the implementation of the spherical harmonics for ODF glyphs. Most of the implementations I have found are static so my task would be to try to parametrize the existing functions, so I can pass data from Python to the shaders properly so that I can obtain the same result as the current odf_slicer.