Week 0: Community Bounding Period#

GSoC 2023: Community Bonding Period#

Hello everyone, my name is Tania Castillo, I am close to finishing my degree in Computer Science and I think this is a great opportunity to put my learning and skills into practice. I will be working with FURY on improving the visualization of DTI tensors and HARDI ODFs glyphs by using well-known techniques in computer graphics.

What did I do this week?#

During the community bonding period, I had the opportunity to get to know better GSoC mentors and former contributors. I also had the first meeting with FURY mentors where I got to learn more about the dynamic of the program, important things to keep in mind while coding, and suggestions when making the PRs. We also receive some details on how to work with shaders which is something I have to take into account since I will use them to develop part of the project. In addition, I’ve been working on the first part of the project which consists of the creation of tensor ellipsoids using the raymarching technique and SDFs.

What is coming up next?#

Since the advances I managed to make are in their most basic stage, I will be working this week on making changes and adjusting details for the implementation to follow FURY guidelines. In this way, I plan to submit my first PR for the project to start getting feedback and making improvements. I will also start working on the first tests for the ellipsoid actor I’m working on.

Did I get stuck anywhere?#

For now, everything is going well, although I know I will probably run into some problems when reviewing and adjusting my code. We will see later this week.