Week 11 - Creating a base for Freehand Drawing#

What did you do this week?#

This week I tried to imitate the working of vtkImageTracer. Previously, I had created a small prototype for freehand drawing by adding points at the mouse position (which you can check out here). As mentioned, there were some drawback of this method. So to overcome these issues, I tried combining both methods. Considering points using the previous method and instead of adding points I tried creating lines between them which looks promising. Below you can see a demo.

Freehand Drawing:


While doing this, I started working on how I could efficiently draw the lines and smoothen them out. My mentors referred me this to learn more about constructing and rendering lines.

Along with this, I updated a few tests and some small bugs in PR #623 and #653.

Did you get stuck anywhere?#

No, I didn’t get stuck anywhere.

What is coming up next?#

Enhancing the freehand drawing feature.