Week#10: Accordion UI, Support for sprite sheet animations#

What did I do this week?#

Below are the tasks that I worked on:

  • Added Accordion2D to UI sub-module : This PR adds the Accordion UI to the UI sub-module. This UI inherits from the Tree2D UI and can only be merged once the Tree2D UI is in. Here’s a screenshot for reference:

  • Adding X, Y, Z Layouts : It was pointed out in last week’s meeting that in 3D space horizontal/vertical means nothing. Instead X, Y, Z are used, so, these three layouts were added on top of horizontal/vertical layouts. They also have functionality of changing the direction i.e. reverse the stacking order.

  • Added support of sprite sheet animation in Card2D : The image in Card2D was static in nature and wasn’t very interesting. So, to make things a bit interesting support for animated images were added. These animations are played from a sprite sheet or a texture atlas. A buffer of processed sprite chunks is maintained and with the help of a timer callback the image in the card is updated after a certain delay which is dependent of the frame rate. Below is the demonstration:

  • Researching more about Freetype/Freetype-GL: Apart from coding stuff, i did some more research on custom font using freetype and freetype-gl. I found some examples that used the python bindings of the c++ library and displayed custom fonts that were transformable i.e. can be rotated by some angle. Hopefully I can create a working example by this weeks meeting.

Did I get stuck anywhere?#

No, I did not get stuck anywhere.

What is coming up next week?#

Next week I will finish up my remaining work. Which includes addressing all PR reviews and adding some more features.

See you guys next week!