Week 12: Now That is (almost) a Wrap!#

Hello everyone, it’s time for another GSoC blogpost! Today, I am going to talk about some minor details I worked on last week on my project.

Last Week’s Effort#

After the API refactoring was done last week, I focused on addressing the reviews I would get from it. The first issues I addressed was related to style, as there were some minor details my GSoC contributors pointed out that needed change. Also, I have addressed an issue I was having with the typed hint of one of my functions. Filipi, my mentor, showed me there is a way to have more than one typed hint in the same parameter, all I needed to do was to use the Union class from the typing module, as shown below:

from typing import Union as tUnion
from numpy import ndarray

def function(variable : tUnion(float, np.ndarray)):

Using that, I could set the typedhint of the bandwidth variable to float and np.ndarray.

So how did it go?#

All went fine with no difficult at all, thankfully.

The Next Steps#

My next plans are, after having PR #826 merged, to work on the float encoding issue described in this blogpost. Also, I plan to tackle the UI idea once again, to see if I can finally give the user a way to control the intensities of the distributions.

Wish me luck!