Week 9: TextBlock2D is Finally Merged!#

What did you do this week?#

Continuing from the previous week, it seemed like we were almost done with the TextBlock2D, but there remained a final task of addressing conflicting issues. Being a core part of the UI, TextBlock2D had a few compatibility problems with certain other UI elements.

The default behavior of TextBox2D now includes a dynamic bounding box, which scales automatically based on the contained text. Users can customize this option through a simple flag setting. However, this change affected some UI elements like Combobox2d, which relied on the default textbox size. Consequently, I had to make updates to ensure compatibility. Additionally, the default initialization of the TextBlock2D was completely static, which led to the possibility of the text extending beyond the background and failing certain tests. To tackle this, I made adjustments to the overflow helper function in the test_elements.py file. After a few tweaks and issue resolutions, the PR was ready for review and was successfully merged after passing the review process.

TextBlock2D with different attributes

Did you get stuck anywhere?#

I encountered some peculiar test failures that were indirectly related to the TextBlock2D which at first glance didn’t came up. Although after some debugging and a thorough line-by-line analysis, I managed to identify and resolve them.

What is coming up next?#

My next priority will be completing the SpinBoxUI now that the TextBlock2D is fixed and successfully integrated.