Week 3: Watch Your Expectations#

Hello everyone, it’s time for another weekly blogpost! This week, I will talk about how you should watch your expectations when working with any project.

This Last Week’s Effort#

As I supposedly managed to make the texture allocation part working, this last week’s goal was to render something to a FBO. Well, I could make textures work, but what I wasn’t expecting and later realised, was that the FBO setup not working. Below I will describe where I got stuck.

Where the Problem Was#

After getting the textures setup right, I was ready to render some color to the FBO. Well, I was, because I didn’t expect I would have another problem, this time, with the FBO setup. As described in my week 1 blogpost, a FBO needs some requirements to work. My current problem relies on the FBO method FBO.SetContext(), that for some reason is not being able to generate the FBO. Below, how the method is currently operating:

Image showing the SetContext's VTK implementation

Apparently, the method is stuck before the this->CreateFBO(), that can be checked when we call FBO.GetFBOIndex(), that returns a 0 value, meaning the FBO was not generated by the glGenFramebuffers() function, that is inside the GetContext() method.

This Week’s Goals#

As I got stuck again with this simple step, talking with my mentors we concluded that a plan B is needed for my GSoC participation as my current project is not having much progress. This plan B that I am gonna start working on this week involves working on FURY Speed, a FURY addon that aims to develop optimized functions and algorithms to help speed up graphical applications. The suggestion was to work on a PR I submitted months ago, #783, in a way to integrate that into FURY Speed. Also, I plan to keep working on my current project to find the solution I will need to make the FBO usage work.

Let’s get to work!