FURY 0.9.0 Released#

The FURY project is happy to announce the release of FURY 0.9.0! FURY is a free and open source software library for scientific visualization and 3D animations.

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This Release is mainly a maintenance release. The major highlights of this release are:

  • New Streaming System added.

  • Large improvement of Signed Distance Functions actors (SDF).

  • Continuous Integration (CI) platform updated. Migrate Windows CI from Azure to Github Actions

  • Migration from setuptools to hatching. versioning system updated also.

  • New module fury.animation added.

  • New module fury.gltf added. Module to support glTF 2.0.

  • Multiple tutorials added and updated.

  • Documentation updated.

  • Website updated.


The complete release notes are available here

To upgrade or install FURY

Run the following command in your terminal:

pip install --upgrade fury


conda install -c conda-forge fury

Questions or suggestions?

For any questions go to http://fury.gl, or send an e-mail to fury@python.org We can also join our discord community

We would like to thanks to all contributors for this release:

  • Anand Shivam

  • Antriksh Misri

  • Bruno Messias

  • Dwij Raj Hari

  • Eleftherios Garyfallidis

  • Filipi Nascimento Silva

  • Francois Rheault

  • Frank Cerasoli

  • Javier Guaje

  • Johny Daras

  • Mohamed Agour

  • Nasim Anousheh

  • Praneeth Shetty

  • Rohit Kharsan

  • Sara Hamza

  • Serge Koudoro

  • Siddharth Gautam

  • Soham Biswas

  • Sreekar Chigurupati

  • Tania Castillo

  • Zhiwen Shi

  • maharshigor

  • sailesh

  • sparshg

On behalf of the FURY developers,

Serge K.