Week 13: Keyframes animation is now a bit easier in FURY#

What did you do this week?#

  • Added the ability to have the ShowManager stored inside the Timeline. That way the user does not have to update and render the animations because it will be done internally.

  • Added a record method to the Timeline that records the animation and saves it as either GIF or MP4 (requires OpenCV). This record functionality has the option to show/hide the PlaybackPanel which makes it better than recording the animation using a third-party software.

  • Fixed some issues that Serge mentioned while reviewing PR #665.

What is coming up next week?#

  • Instead of adding the ShowManager to the Timeline, doing it the other way around is a better choice and makes the code more readable.

  • Add tests for the Timeline’s record method.

  • Add tests for the billboard actor to test consistency among different approaches..

Did you get stuck anywhere?#

I didn’t get stuck this week.