Week 12 - Fixing translating issues and updating tests#

What did you do this week?#

I started with updating the tests for PR #623 as some of the tests weren’t covering all the aspects in the code. Previously I was just creating the DrawShape and adding it to the scene but now I had to analyze the scene to see whether they were properly added or not.

Then I moved on to PR #653 to resolve the clamping issue. As you can see below, the shapes overlappes when they move nearer to the panel border.


To solve this, I am thinking of calculating the center of the group and clipping it according to the panel, which may give us the required result. I tried doing the same, and it worked partially.


As we can see above, the shapes are kind of clamping but there’s some issue with positioning. It would be good to go once this is fixed.

Along this, I tried to integrate shaders with the Rectangle2D but there’s something which I am missing. When I tried executing that program, it executed successfully but I am not getting the desired output. I tried debugging the code as well using the debug flag on the shader_to_actor function but still, it doesn’t throw any error.

Did you get stuck anywhere?#

While updating the tests for PR #623 the quad shape wasn’t getting analyzed by the analyse_snapshot method. I tried various approaches to fix it, but it didn’t work.

What is coming up next?#

Merging the PRs #623, #653 and working on the freehand drawing.