Week 10 - Understanding Codes and Playing with Animation#

What did you do this week?#

I started working on the PR #645 created last week and tested a few more corner cases such as What happens if the maximum value is exceeded?? What if we give a value less than the minimum value range?? Most of these worked as intended.

Then I moved on to vtkImageTracer, I tried implementing this locally. It required an ImageSource on which the tracing was done. As you can see below, I managed to implement the pure VTK version of the widget. After this, I tried integrating this with FURY and besides the ImageSource all things were successfully handled by FURY.


As per the suggestions from the mentors, I started looking at the implementation of the vtkImageTracer to see how they manage the widget. My prior experience with C++ helped me a lot with this because the original implementation of vtk is in C++.

Here, I found an approach similar to the polyline. They first grab the current point, check whether it’s inside the area, and then use the last point to draw a line by calculating some kind of motion vector.

Using the Animation Architecture created by Mohamed, I created a Bouncing Text Animation using UI elements to check the compatibility of the UI System with the Animation.

Bouncing text animation:


Did you get stuck anywhere?#

Proper tutorials weren’t there to implement vtkImageTracer, which took time to make it work locally.

What is coming up next?#

Working on the Freehand Drawing.