Week 5 - Working on new features#

What did you do this week?#

This week I tried to create a base for some upcoming new features. The first thing I updated was the Properties panel which I prototyped in Week 3. So previously, it was just displaying the properties but now after the update, it is able to modify the properties(such as color, position, and rotation) too. This was a quick change to test the callbacks.

Properties Panel:


Then I worked with the bounding box to make it visible whenever a shape is selected. For this, I used the existing functionality of the Panel2D actor to create borders around the bounding box.

Bounding Box


Also along with this, I managed to add the polyline feature on user interactions. This creation isn’t that smooth but works as intended.

Poly Line


Did you get stuck anywhere?#

Handling interactions for the polyline was complicated. I wasn’t able to invoke the left_mouse_click event, then as I was trying to invoke the events internally, it started creating multiple copies of the same line.

What is coming up next?#

I will be enhancing the polyline feature.