Eighth coding week!#

Welcome to the ninth weekly check-in. I’ll be sharing my progress for the eighth week of coding.

What did you do this week?#

  1. Updated PR #452: Had an extra meeting with the mentors in which we fine-tuned the molecular module and optimised the code to make it more pythonic.

  2. I was able to generate vertices and triangles for Solvent Excluded Surfaces (SES) by using a bioconda package called msms. It’s based on this paper by Michel F. Sanner, Arthur J. Olson & Jean-Claude Spehner. The vertices and triangles were then sent to surface actor to generate a surface.


    SES surface generated via msms and surface actor#

  3. Added my GSoC blogs to the FURY blogs directory. (PR #475)

Other goals will be decided in the meeting with mentors.

What is coming up next week?#

  1. Research about recent papers having good (fast) algorithms to create the molecular surfaces.

  2. Create tutorials to explain how to use molecular module.

Did you get stuck anywhere?#


Au Revoir!