Weekly Check-In #7#

What did I do this week?#

  • PR fury-gl/helios#16 (merged): Helios IPC network layout support for MacOs

  • PR fury-gl/helios#17 (merged): Smooth animations for IPC network layout algorithms

    Before this commit was not possible to record the positions to have a smooth animations with IPCLayout approach. See the animation below


    After this PR now it’s possible to tell Helios to store the evolution of the network positions using the record_positions parameter. This parameter should be passed on the start method. Notice in the image below how this gives to us a better visualization


  • PR fury-gl/helios#13 (merged) Merged the forceatlas2 cugraph layout algorithm

Did I get stuck anywhere?#

I did not get stuck this week.

What is coming up next?#

Probably, I’ll work more on Helios. Specifically I want to improve the memory management system. It seems that some shared memory resources are not been released when using the IPCLayout approach.