Weekly Check-In #5#

What did you do this week?#

fury-gl/fury PR#437: WebRTC streaming system for FURY#

  • Before the 8c670c2 commit, for some versions of MacOs the streaming system was falling in a silent bug. I’ve spent a lot of time researching to found a cause for this. Fortunately, I could found the cause and the solution. This troublesome MacOs was falling in a silent bug because the SharedMemory Object was creating a memory resource with at least 4086 bytes independent if I’ve requested less than that. If we look into the MultiDimensionalBuffer Object (stream/tools.py) before the 8c670c2 commit we can see that Object has max_size parameter which needs to be updated if the SharedMemory was created with a “wrong” size.

fury-gl/helios PR 1: Network Layout and SuperActors#

In the past week I’ve made a lot of improvements in this PR, from performance improvements to visual effects. Below are the list of the tasks related with this PR:

  • Code refactoring.

  • Visual improvements: Using the UniformTools from my pull request #424 now is possible to control all the visual characteristics at runtime.

  • 2D Layout: Meanwhile 3d network representations are very usefully for exploring a dataset is hard to convince a group of network scientists to use a visualization system which doesn’t allow 2d representations. Because of that I started to coding the 2d behavior in the network visualization system.

  • Minimum Distortion Embeddings examples: I’ve created some examples which shows how integrate pymde (Python Minimum Distortion Embeddings) with fury/helios. The image below shows the result of this integration: a “perfect” graph embedding


What is coming up next week?#

I’ll probably focus on the heliosPR#1. Specifically, writing tests and improving the minimum distortion embedding layout.

Did you get stuck anywhere?#

I did not get stuck this week.