Wrecking Ball Simulation, Scrollbars Update, Physics Tutorials.#

Hello and welcome to my 12th weekly check-in. In this blog I will be discussing my progress with the wrecking ball simulation and my scrollbar separation work. Apart from this I have also finalized the physics simulation tutorials and have created a Pull Request to finally get it merged with the official repository. The official repository of my sub-org can be found here.

What did you do this week?#

This week I was mainly focusing on the wrecking ball simulation. This simulation is basically the combination of chain simulation and brick wall simulation. A sphere attached to a chain smashes a “NxNxN” brick wall. The simulation is as follows:


There’s a rendering bug with the cylinders because of which the chain segments look weird. My mentors confirmed that this bug originated from VTK’s cylinder source method and they are currently working on it to fix it. The simulation will render correctly once that bug is fixed.

Regarding the scrollbar separation task, I was able to fix those callback issues that I was facing. The mouse callbacks on the scrollbar now work correctly:


I have also created a pull request to add the following physics simulations with proper documentation to the main repository:

  • Brick Wall Simulation

  • Ball Collision Simulation

  • Chain Simulation

  • Wrecking Ball Simulation

What is coming up next week?#

Currently I am a bit confused with the implementation of scrollbars with UI components. I had a meeting with my mentor and he decided to help me out with this. So most probably I will be working with the scrollbar component and its implementation. Next week will also be the final week for GSoC 2020 before the evaluations start so I would work on getting the final documentation and formalities ready.

Did you get stuck anywhere?#

Apart from the scrollbar implementation idea, I did not face any major issues.

Thank you for reading, see you next week!!