Spherical harmonics

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Hey ! This week, Spherical harmonics!

What did you do this week?

The main task for the week was to include an implementation of spherical harmonics (upto the order of 4) as a FURY actor. This was the initial milestone to be achieved to work towards the support of using spherical harmonics as an visualization technique. I have added the GIFs for both the renders below. I also worked on a occlusion based lighting model.

Spherical harmonics for different values of order and degree:

https://raw.githubusercontent.com/lenixlobo/fury-outputs/master/blog-week-5a.gif https://raw.githubusercontent.com/lenixlobo/fury-outputs/master/blog-week-5b.gif

What is coming up next week?

The next task to add support for the user to be able to render different spherical harmonics by passing arguments

Did you get stuck anywhere?

Spherical harmonics involve a lot of complicated math behind the hood. So the initial days were spent understanding the math .I was confused while working on the implementation but eventually got it working.