Spherical harmonics#

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Hey ! This week, Spherical harmonics!

What did you do this week?#

The main task for the week was to include an implementation of spherical harmonics (up to the order of 4) as a FURY actor. This was the initial milestone to be achieved to work towards the support of using spherical harmonics as an visualization technique. I have added the GIFs for both the renders below. I also worked on a occlusion based lighting model.

Spherical harmonics for different values of order and degree:

https://raw.githubusercontent.com/lenixlobo/fury-outputs/master/blog-week-5a.gif https://raw.githubusercontent.com/lenixlobo/fury-outputs/master/blog-week-5b.gif

What is coming up next week?#

The next task to add support for the user to be able to render different spherical harmonics by passing arguments

Did you get stuck anywhere?#

Spherical harmonics involve a lot of complicated math behind the hood. So the initial days were spent understanding the math .I was confused while working on the implementation but eventually got it working.