Weekly Check-in #1#

Welcome to my GSoC Blog!!!#

Hey everyone! This is my blog for this summer’s GSoC @ PSF I am Lenix Lobo, an undergraduate student from India, and this summer I will be working with project Fury under the umbrella of the Python Software foundation. I will be working on improving the current shader framework.

What did you do during the Community Bonding Period?#

Since most of the places including my university are closed due to the pandemic outbreak, I decided to get a head start and start with the project early. During the community bonding period, I had video conference meetings with my mentors scheduled every week on Wednesday. During these meetings i interacted with the mentors to have a coherent understanding of how the project design and implementation will be managed over the course of the entire period.

Since my project involves a lot of theoretical understanding of concepts such as ray marching, I spent the period going through the theory of each topic.This week also involved going through the documentation for shaders used in VTK.

What is coming up next week?#

The next task assigned to me is to go through the theory of geometry shaders and to create a example using the same.