Simple Shapes

This example shows how to use the UI API. We will demonstrate how to draw some geometric shapes from DIPY UI elements.

First, a bunch of imports.

from fury import ui, window

Let’s draw some simple shapes. First, a rectangle.

rect = ui.Rectangle2D(size=(100, 100), position=(400, 400), color=(1, 0, 1))

Then we can draw a solid circle, or disk.

disk = ui.Disk2D(outer_radius=50, center=(400, 200), color=(1, 1, 0))

Add an inner radius to make a ring.

ring = ui.Disk2D(outer_radius=50, inner_radius=45,
                 center=(500, 600), color=(0, 1, 1))

Now that all the elements have been initialised, we add them to the show manager.

current_size = (800, 800)
show_manager = window.ShowManager(size=current_size,
                                  title="DIPY Shapes Example")


interactive = False

if interactive:

window.record(show_manager.scene, size=current_size, out_path="viz_shapes.png")

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