Sphere Color Control using Radio Buttons

This example shows how to use the UI API. We will demonstrate how to create a Sphere and control its color using radio buttons.

First, some imports.

from fury import ui, window, actor, utils
import numpy as np

Sphere and Radio Buttons

Add a Sphere to the scene.

sphere = actor.sphere(centers=np.array([[50, 0, 0]]),
                      colors=np.array([[0, 0, 1]]),
                      radii=11.0, theta=360, phi=360)

# Creating a dict of possible options and mapping it with their values.
options = {'Blue': (0, 0, 255), 'Red': (255, 0, 0), 'Green': (0, 255, 0)}

color_toggler = ui.RadioButton(list(options), checked_labels=['Blue'],
                               padding=1, font_size=16,
                               font_family='Arial', position=(200, 200))

# A callback which will set the values for the box
def toggle_color(radio):
    vcolors = utils.colors_from_actor(sphere)
    color = options[radio.checked_labels[0]]
    vcolors[:] = np.array(color)

color_toggler.on_change = toggle_color

Show Manager

Now that all the elements have been initialised, we add them to the show manager.

current_size = (800, 800)
show_manager = window.ShowManager(size=current_size,
                                  title="FURY Sphere Example")


Set camera for better visualization

show_manager.scene.set_camera(position=(0, 0, 150))
interactive = False

if interactive:

              size=current_size, out_path="viz_radio_buttons.png")

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